Megan Yasu Davis explores this growing phenomenon in the African American Community in a recent article in the

Here’s an excerpt:

What IS natural hair today? Natural hair, is considered as hair that grows from the scalp, unaltered by any chemical curl loosener, straightener or synthetic color. Natural hair can be fluffly, coily, kinky, wiry, soft, fine, wavy, puffy, or springy. The many ways we can describe natural hair is as many textures that are represented from head to head around the world. There are no 2 heads of hair alike, although there may be similarities when viewing photographs.

Although some bloggers may not be too keen or calling this natural hair thing a “movement”, it truly is a shift from what natural beauty was and what now is. Even celebrities like Raven Symone, Kim Coles and Janet Jackson have chopped their straight tresses and removed waist-long weaves to reveal a head of waves, swirls, and twirls,all their own.

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