Searius Add is an award-winning poet and the Founder/CEO of The Nine-Tenths Group (an event planning firm centered-around the arts). The Ohio State University alum brings together social networking and creative design on a monthly basis- allowing patrons to explore the arts while appealing to their intellectual desires. He is the host for “The Art of Storytelling” (a bi-monthly live music and poetry showcase) and “The Stage” (monthly open mic series). He has been featured on over a dozen national blogs as well as the Columbus Alive and Columbus Post newspapers. Most recently, Mr. Addishin served as introductory speaker at The Ohio State University’s 40th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration and presented on “Hip Hop: Consciousness & Current Events” at Columbus State Community College. Mr. Addishin is the proud father of two children and continues to share his intellectual and poetic gifts with audiences throughout the country.

-Searius Add performs “Rough Or Easy” (Rustbelt Slam 2012):

-Searius Add performs “I Love This Game” (Black Tuesday 2 Year Anniversary):

-Searius Add performs improve/freestyle poem LIVE (5:09 – 7:42):

-Searius Add – MC Hammer Is Innocent:

-Searius Add – Forever Searius Add: