Khaisha Alexander

“Meal Planning for Fitness”

Khaisha Alexander  fitness journey’s began when she met Roshawn Jones, the owner of Toledo’s  Soul City Boxing  and Wrestling Gym. She, her  son and daughter came to Toledo from Sandusky to the Biddy Bast of the East Tournament and won! They commuted from Sandusky to wrestling practice and made the move to Toledo after a year. Khaisha began to workout with the kids at the gym and that’s where her transformation began. She started at 282 pounds and  lost 137 pounds total.  She then started reading and researching foods and why it’s important to meal prep for the whole week in one day. It was the best option based on her 12 hour a day work schedule, her then commute, and her new lifestyle of working out. She posted a pic one day and her  friends began to ask her to do meal prep for them. They would bring their food over and she prepared their weekly meals as well! Khaisha loves not only managing her health success, but helping others achieve their goals, one step at a time, with simple techniques and tips. Meal Prep and Fitness go hand in hand, and make a great foundation for anyone to adopt healthier habits and to also start a proven journey to weight loss and fitness. To book a consultation, please contact her at