About The Ohio Natural Hair, Health & Beauty Expo

About the Expo:

The purpose of The Northwest Ohio Natural Hair, Health & Beauty Expo is to Inform and Inspire  the natural hair community through Educational Workshops, Encouraging Forums & Exhibits and Empowering Performances by local artists, exhibitors and professionals.

The Northwest Ohio Natural Hair, Health & Beauty Expo is the only event of its kind held in Toledo, Ohio. Now in its fourth year, the expo has drawn over 1000 visitors from across the US! It began with an idea to provide an event that promoted the empowerment and embracing of natural hair and beauty in the local community. Many have heard of these types of events, but weren’t able to travel the distance to attend. Through the building of relationships in the community with free workshops and classes throughout each year, The Kitchen Salon is the main sponsor of this annual expo.

Megan Davis, Expo Director, says, “This Expo has something for every natural hair enthusiast — with info-filled seminars, hands-on workshops, entertainment, food, and several vendor booths exhibiting the latest apparel, products, tools, and supplies.   It’s like planning a party for 500 Curlfriends!  We have guests from across Ohio and the US come for the full day of festivities.”

There is a huge vendor floor, frequent demonstrations and performances on the center stage, and professionals throughout the day exhibiting their products and services and leading workshops.

About The Kitchen Salon:

The Kitchen Salon has been a Natural & Locked Hair resource since 2007. Rich in articles covering a wide range of topics from transitioning to natural hair to dealing with social/political hair issues, this online resource has been providing information and inspiration since its conception in the 90’s.

Literary works were at the forefront in Natural hair resources in the 90’s and into the new Millenium, the world wide web has been the ultimate resource! Today, meetups are what’s connecting the literary age to the technological age.

The Kitchen Salon hosts Meetups and Workshops/Classes, covering a variety of  natural hair topics in Toledo, OH and surrounding areas.

About The Founder:

Megan Davis started hosting workshops in living rooms in the late 90’s, sharing her new found knowledge about going natural. Over the years, her hair alone gained the interest of her family members, friends, and coworkers. Through one on one  conversations, she has helped many transition from relaxed to natural hair, successfully. Formally trained at Moler Beauty College in New Orleans, LA, she learned the basic skills for hair care, but learning about natural hair care came from raising 4 daughters and by trial and error with her own natural hair.

A passion to share with others through worksheets was how she began, and today,  her workshops are the premier resource for naturals in the local community. With a variety of topics from scalp conditions to thinning to children’s hair care, The Kitchen Salon workshops, facilitated by Megan, have helped to create a community of people who celebrate and embrace their own natural beauty because of the knowledge and empowerment they have gained.

Davis states that “Natural hair care is a valuable resource to obtain, that is passed on from generation to generation. Most often discussed at kitchen tables, the art of creating hair care products, styles and maintenance routines were practiced since our foremothers were enslaved. It is my duty as a mother to share these valuable tools, methods and resources with the daughters of the future.”